Stay Home + Stick Em!

50% OFF all calendars while supplies last. All sales donated to Operation Masks.
Need something fun to pass the time with your crew? We got you.

This is the Unicalendar.

It’s a limited-edition letterpress calendar made for people who love emoji. It’s simple and optimistic. It lets you see all of 2020 at a glance. And it comes with a boatload of emoji stickers so you can make it your own.

The Fabulous Unicalendar 2020 Details

Choose Your Unicalendar

Print + Frame Kit

Choose this edition if this is your first Unicalendar or if you need a frame.
$ 19.00 USD
$ 39.00 USD
1x Calendar + Frame + Stickers
Three Pack
$ 49.00 USD
$ 99.00 USD
3x Calendars + Frames + Stickers

Print Only

Choose this edition if you already have a frame or plan to tack up your calendar.
$ 14.00 USD
$ 29.00 USD
1x Calendar + Stickers
Three Pack
$ 39.00 USD
$ 79.00 USD
3x Calendars + Stickers
You can adjust your quantity when you check out. They make a great gift so you might need a couple.

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