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A preview of the 2024 Unicalendar letterpress print featuring 60 emoji inspired holiday icons

Seven years ago I combined my love for emoji, time, and color to create the original Unicalendar as a gift for family and friends. A year later I partnered with my friends at Studio On Fire to create a unique, limited edition letterpress edition, and today I’m thrilled to release the 8th Edition for 2024.

The 2024 Unicalendar is a 12 x 24 inch letterpress print featuring 60 emoji-inspired icons printed in black ink atop a three-color split fountain gradient layer printed with mint green, turquoise, and purple. Each of the 200 prints is hand-numbered and stamped by me.

JW Signature
We take calendars for granted. They’re on your phone, your computer, your smart fridge, that weird naked firefighter calendar which somehow gets delivered to your doorstep… This one is different. It is meticulously designed, filled with fun details and craftfully produced. Get this calendar.
Tim Van Damme,  Designer
100 Sticker Art
100 Sticker Art
100 Sticker Art
100 Sticker Art

An Iconic Letterpress Calendar

Unicalendar features 60 playful and bold emoji icons highlighting both popular and unexpected holidays from around the world.

Gradient Vibes for a New Year

Minty green, turquoise, and purple inks pressed into the brightest white paper will liven up your wall!

Celebrate Your Moments

Dozens of family, travel, and food–themed emoji stickers help you make Unicalendar your very own.

Magnets Hold Everything in Place

A magnetic poster frame holds Unicalendar in place without tacking ugly holes in your print.

120 Stickers Included

Six sheets of double foil-embossed emoji stickers included.
USA Sticker Art

Printed in the U.S.A.

Printed by craft letterpress artists at Studio On Fire in St. Paul, Minnesota.

Ships for the New Year

North American orders placed by December 12 will ship for Christmas.

Choose Your Calendar

BYO Frame

Emoji Calendar with Stickers Only

Choose this edition if you already have a frame or another way to hang your calendar.


$ 35.00 USD
1x Calendar with Stickers Only


$ 89.00 USD
3x Calendars with Stickers Only